Rhode Island State Building Codes

Rhode Island State Building & Fire Code Regulations

(Updated January, 2015)

Following are links to R.I. Building Code amendments and Fire Code regulations on file with the Office of the Secretary of State. Many of the Rhode Island Building Code amendments incorporate international or national codes by reference. This means you must refer to BOTH the international or national code (plus supplements, if any) AND the corresponding Rhode Island amendment below. International and national codes may be obtained directly from the International Code Council at 888-786-4452 or www.iccsafe.org. You may download and print any of the amendments free of charge for your reference purposes. If you wish to purchase only the R.I. Building Code amendments (the "blue pages") you may contact the Building Code Standards Committee at 401-222-4096. If you wish to purchase paper copies of the R.I. Building Code amendments along with the International Code, you may do so by contacting the R.I. Building Officials Association via email at riboacodes@verizonmail.com, or by visiting their website www.riboa.net. Or you may contact the R.I. Builders Association at (401) 438-7400. Additionally, you may want to view Rhode Island General Law, Chapter 23-27.3 State Building Code .

If you have difficulty accessing any of the links below, please contact Administrative Records at (401) 222-2353.
Certified copies must be obtained from the Administrative Records office at 401-222-2353.