Charter Review Commission / Schools

The Commission is charged with the responsibility of reviewing those sections of the Warwick City Charter related to the functions, powers, and duties of the School Committee and to make recommendations to the City council for Charter revisions, if any may be necessary, to those sections of the existing Charter.

All sections will be considered, including but not limited to, election vs. appointment of School Committee members, taxation authority for school purposes, deficit spending and corrective actions, budget line item accountability, and purchasing function responsibility and accountability referred to in Chapter 9-9 of the Charter.

Membership and appointment:

The Charter Review Commission / Schools shall be comprised of five electors of the City of Warwick, with one member to be selected by the City Council; one member to be selected by the Mayor; and three members selected through the mutual agreement of the City Council and the Mayor. No member of the Commission shall be an elected official. The Chairperson of the Commission shall be elected by the majority vote of the members of the Commission.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Joanne M Cournoyer (401) 738-2000 x6475

Commission Members

Richard Cascella
William Russo
Jonathan D. Seamans
Laura Wilkinson
- Vacant -