Green and Blue Bin Items

City Recycling drivers collect from over 6000 houses per day, 750 houses per truck. Each driver collects an average of 5 tons (10,000 lbs). The constant bending and lifting of the bins makes recycling as difficult job. Here are a few ways you can helps them make their job a little easier and the program run more efficiently.

Please do not mix your recyclables in the bins. Warwick’s Maximum Recycling Program requires that residents use two recycling bins; a blue bin for bottles, cans, juice boxes and milk cartons and a green bin for all paper products, boxboard and cardboard.

  • All recyclables must be at curbside by 7 am on your scheduled collection day. Exact pickup times will vary due to weather conditions, equipment breakdowns, volume of recyclables, new drivers, etc. Recyclables placed at curbside after collection trucks have gone by, will not be picked up.
  • Do not block the recyclables with your vehicle. It is difficult for the collectors to drag your bins around your vehicle. They will not pick them up if they are blocked.
  • Loose paper causes litter, especially on windy days. Please place all recyclable paper in paper bags inside your green bin.
  • If the City's Sanitation and Recycling Division observes a holiday, and your regular collection day falls on that holiday, you will receive collection the next day. The remainder of the collection week will be a day later during that holiday week. See the Holiday Collection Schedule.

Click on the blue or green bin images below to learn which items are accepted for curbside collection.

Blue Bin
Green Bin


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