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Earth Day Cleanups
Adopt an Island

Earth Day Cleanups

Earth Day Cleanups are a way to bring neighbors, schools or organizations together for a common cause and by sponsoring a cleanup; it provides an opportunity to make a big environmental impact in a short amount of time. In recognition of this special event the city will assist community groups and organizations plan their clean-up and remove the debris once the clean-up has been completed. To participate in an Earth Day Cleanup:

  1. Sponsoring groups should choose a cleanup site such as a neighborhood park, playground, cemetery or something similar.
  2. Once you've chosen a location, each group must register with the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation by filling out the Earth Day Cleanup Waiver Form. Earth Day cleanups must take place from April 1, 2016 to May 15, 2016 in order to be eligible for the tip fee waiver.
  3. Once you have been approved by the RIRRC, contact the Sanitation/Recycling Office @ 401-732-9589  to schedule the pick-up day and location of the debris the week following your cleanup. The location must an area which is easily accessible to the Highway trucks in order for them to pick up the filled bags of debris.
  4. During the cleanup we ask you to place all recyclable items and trash into separate bags.

Let's all work together to help Warwick become an even more beautiful place to live!

Adopt an Island Program

The City of Warwick’s Adopt an Island program provides opportunities for residents, businesses or organizations to adopt a city traffic island or other similar city-owned space to beautify public spaces throughout the city. What do you need to do?

  • Select up to three areas that you would adopt (only one will be approved if not already adopted)
  • Commit to our Adopt-a-Spot program for two years
  • Submit your signed release and waiver form

The city will install a sign bearing the adopter's name at the adopted location. For more information about the Warwick's Adopt an Island program, call the Warwick Recycling Office at (401) 732-9589.