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Where does it actually go?


Warwick's Single Stream recycling collection means there is no need to separate the different materials, allowing all recyclables to be collected in the same container, making recycling convenient and easier for residents. Once the carts are placed at curbside, they are then collected by a fully automated truck and brought to the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Johnston where the separation process starts when the truck arrives. Here’s how the process works.


Have you ever wondered where your trash goes once it gets collected from your curbside? Every week your trash is collected at curbside and brought the Central Landfill in Johnston where it is buried. The landfill covers approximately 230 acres and takes in 2,500 tons of residential and commercial waste per day. Click here to learn more and take a virtual tour of the Central landfill in Johnston.

If you would like to know more about the RIRRC, check out this guide or take a VIRTUAL TOUR.

Landfill & Recycling Facility Tours

Would you like to see first-hand what happens to your trash after you put it out at the curb or how your recyclables are sorted and the products they are made into? The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation offers free tours of the landfill and recycling facility in Johnston to residents, schools, or groups. To arrange a tour please contact the RIRRC at 942-1430 or schedule using the links below.

Field trips for RI classroom teachers & professors
Public tours for RI residents & groups