Major Responsibilities

According to Article 8-7 of the Warwick City Charter, "there shall be a department of building inspection the head of which shall be a building inspector appointed by the mayor and [who] shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor, who shall be responsible for building, plumbing and electrical inspection, unless otherwise assigned by the mayor and who shall have general experience in the field of construction of buildings. All other inspection and licensing services of whatever nature, unless otherwise assigned by ordinance or this Charter shall be in the department of building inspection."

The responsibilities of the Building Inspection Department include:

  • The Building Dept. enforces the State of Rhode Island Building Code and the City of Warwick Zoning laws.
  • The department issues building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits for new construction as well as permits for alterations/repairs to existing structures.
  • Reviews complaints for building code and zoning violations.
  • Gives information regarding zoning, building codes and flood zones.
  • The Property Maintenance Department inspects buildings for compliance with the State of Rhode Island Property Maintenance Ordinance – to make sure private properties are kept to a minimum standard.
  • The Zoning Department 1) receives applications for appeals before the Zoning Board of Review;  2)  Issues zoning certificates for a legal use of a property.
  • The Building Department receives applications for the Building Board of Review for appeals to the State Building Code.
  • The Building Department maintains Elevation Certificates for construction in a flood zone.