FY21 Budgets are now available online

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Click the link to view the proposed 
FY21 Budget Documents 

Youtube Recording of the Live Zoom Meeting

You may access or participate in the meeting using the Zoom Application on a smart device or on a PC via the Web at zoom.us and clicking on JOIN A MEETING in the upper right of the page. Webinar ID: 896 3550 5826.
Anyone wanting to participate via telephone only, may call one of the following Toll Free numbers: 877-853-5247 or 888-788-0099 or 833 548 0276 or 833-548-0282.
You will then need to punch in the Webinar ID 896 3550 5826 on your touchtone keypad.
While everyone joining the meeting will be muted, if at the appropriate time during the proceedings you wish to ask a question, you may: If using a smart phone or a PC – click on the “Raise Hand” icon. The meeting moderator will then ask for the participant having raised their hand to be unmuted. After the question, answer, and any further discussion, the participant will be muted again and will need to click on the Raise Hand icon or punch in *9 to ask another question.
If phoning in – punch *9 on the touchtone keypad. The moderator will indicate when it is your turn to comment/ask a question

Budget meeting schedule below.

PDF icon FY21 Budget Hearing Dates/Schedule442.66 KB