Mayor Solomon, Colonel Rathbun announce police recruitment drive


WARWICK – Chief of Police Colonel Rick Rathbun and Mayor Joseph J. Solomon announced today that the Police Department recruitment drive will be held through January 31, 2020 during which time applications will be accepted through

The Warwick Police Department is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Police Officer who demonstrate good judgment, an even temperament, respect and appreciate diversity, show creativity and problem-solving skills, think on their feet, handle pressure, and show leadership skills.

Recruitment efforts will include local and regional web-based and print media outlets, to include multicultural publications. Additionally, community outreach efforts intended to attract a wider applicant pool will embrace the use of public and private internet job boards and social networks.

Qualified applicants must be between 21 and 35 years old and a United States citizen with a minimum of 60 college credits from an accredited college or university, or proof of five (5) years of military reserve service, or three years (3) of active duty. Additionally, those with two (2) years prior law enforcement or corrections experience who do not have the requisite college credits are also eligible and encouraged to apply.

Applicants must also hold a valid driver’s license, be of good moral character and successfully complete a selection process which includes a physical agility test, written exam, oral interview and a thorough background investigation.

For more information regarding the recruitment and selection process, call the Warwick Police Department at (401) 468-4323 or (401)889-5579 or can visit us on the web at or apply at


Recruitment & Selection Schedule

*All dates are subject to change based on weather and logistical matters


Statement of Recruitment Objective:

The Warwick Police Department is committed to recruiting qualified applicants for the position of Police Officer.  Applicants should be a representation of our diverse community, to include woman and minorities. Critical traits include the ability to demonstrate good judgment, an even temperament, respect and appreciate diversity, show creativity and problem solving skills, think on their feet, handle pressure, and show leadership skills. 

1.     December 1, 2019-January 31, 2020:  Recruitment and Applications from December 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020 applications may be filled out from the website  A $40.00 fee will be charged per application to cover some of the costs for the recruitment process.

2.     February 15, 2020: A Physical Agility Test will be conducted by Cooper Institute certified instructors.  The agility test is a job-task related physical fitness assessment that is age and gender adjusted.  This test is the same as the test administered by the R.I. Municipal Police Academy.  All four phases of the test must be successfully completed in order to continue through the recruitment process. We will be conducting one Physical Agility Tests on February 15, 2020 at 0800 hours.  All applicants will receive notification of their scheduled time and what to bring and wear for the test. We will be utilizing the CCRI Warwick Campus Field House to conduct the physical agility test. The school also has readily accessible restrooms and water fountains near the gymnasium for the applicants and staff to use throughout the testing.  February 16, 2020 will serve as a “snow day” if we experience severe weather conditions on February 15th. This “snow day” will be held at CCRI Lincoln at 0800 hours if needed. This is not a make-up day for candidates who are unable to attend the scheduled physical assessment on the original date.

3.     February 22, 2020: The Written Exam will be given on 2/22/2020 from 0800-1200 hours. In 2018 we used, IPMA-Human Resources for the Written Examination. This company was very efficient in getting us the testing materials and the turnaround time for corrections was within a few days. Exams will be scored by the test vendor and candidates will be notified via of their results. Candidates may review their results by filing a request, in writing, to the Professional Standards Division of the Warwick Police Department within five (5) days of receiving their grade for the written test. Passing test scores will be weighted as forty percent (40%) of the final score in the application process. We will be utilizing the Warwick Veterans Memorial Middle School Cafeteria in order to conduct the Written Examination. The cafeteria has a capacity of 350 people and will be more than adequate for our needs.

            If an applicant is unsuccessful in either the written or physical agility test, he or she    is encouraged to re-apply at the next recruitment process.

4.     February-March: Oral Board Interview- Sworn Officers from the Warwick Police Department will interview the recruit candidates. The Oral Board will consider the candidate’s overall performance before the board, as well as, the answers given.  The questions are designed to elicit frank, truthful responses and not to test the candidate’s knowledge of police practices, technical skills, or legal procedure.  Rather, the questions are used to assess the candidate’s ability to understand, make decisions, reply truthfully, and other general characteristics which are acknowledged traits necessary for carrying out police responsibilities. The questions will measure a candidate’s ability to respond in an intelligent, confident and courteous manner, and to show a candidate’s ability to communicate clearly and concisely. The oral board will be weighted at sixty percent (60%), which will be delineated to the candidate depending on how they answered the panel’s questions.

5.     March 16, 2020:  Establish Eligibility List - Candidates will be scored according to a weighted combination of the written test and oral board score.  The written score is weighted forty percent (40%), and the oral score will be sixty percent (60%).  The score totals will be assigned to each candidate who has passed all of the requirements, and they will be notified by mail through of their ranking on the eligibility list.  A combined score of seventy percent (70%) must be met in order to be placed on the police officer eligibility list.

6.     March 2020: Background Investigation Paperwork and Release Forms- The top 10 candidates from the hiring list will be required to attend a 2 hour meeting with members of the Professional Standards Division. The purpose of the meeting is to fill out all of the paperwork and releases for the background investigation to be conducted. Candidates will also be presented with a Conditional Offer of Employment at this meeting in order to conduct the background investigation.

7.     April: Background Investigation Will consist of a “Face to Face” integrity interview, extensive investigation of the candidate’s personal history to include, but not limited to, education, training, health, employment, family, neighbors, references, character, credit, military service, personality traits, police contacts, and any other areas as determined by the Rhode Island State Police Department of Public Safety Municipal Police Academy and/or the Warwick Police Department.

8.     April-May 2020:

Physical Medical Examination (Concentra Medical Facility) - An examination to certify the general health of the candidate is conducted by a licensed physician in accordance with the standards set by the R.I. Commission on Police Standards and Training.

Psychological Testing- A psychological exam and interview will be conducted in accordance with R.I. General Laws. We have used the URI (Dr. Gallagher) testing services in Providence RI in the past and will continue to do so for this hiring process. Dr. Gallagher requires that the background investigation be submitted at least one week in advance before the testing is to be completed.

9.        June 2020: RIMPA Applications Due

10.       June 2020: Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy- Applicants must fulfill any        and all pre-academy entrance requirements as set forth by the Rhode Island State Police  Department of Public Safety and approval of the Commission on Police Standards and Training.  Academy Recruits must successfully complete all phases of academy training (22 weeks long).

11.        Probationary Period: of one (1) year- This includes the completion of a Field Training   Officer (FTO) program (14 weeks). During this time, there are scheduled evaluations, re-training if necessary and continuation of the background investigation as necessary.  Probationary employment may be extended if it is necessary as determined by the Chief of Police. At the end of the probationary period, successful candidates who have satisfied all of the above steps will be sworn in as permanent police officers.