Anyone for Pickleball??

What is it???

Think of your court games such as Tennis, Badminton or even Ping Pong. This game is played with a paddle and a whiffle type ball. It is played on a court that is one half the size of a tennis court. 95% of the time it is played as a doubles match.

You might have heard about Pickleball from snowbirds returning from Florida or Arizona where it’s a favorite pastime. It is a sport for all ages but particular favorite of senior’s citizens because of the relatively small court.

The Warwick Parks and Recreation department is attempting to see if there is any interest in playing or learning more about Pickleball. There is a small group that is playing on Monday morning at 9.30am. They are meeting at the tennis courts behind the Pool and Ice Rinks at the Mickey Stevens Sports Complex on Sandy Lane.

For more information just Google Pickleball, you will be introduced to a number of sites featuring this great new sport.