Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive planning in the State of Rhode Island is governed by Chapter 45-22.2 of the Rhode Island General Laws, entitled the “Rhode Island Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Act” (the Act).  Warwick's Plan is fully approved by the State of Rhode Island Division of Planning through August 17, 2024.

Warwick's Comprehensive Plan covers a broad range of topics in 13 chapters about current trends, the planning process and all aspects of community life that affect the way our city can develop in the future. The Plan is designed to help Warwick begin meeting the challenges of the 21st century so that it can continue to be competitive as a place to live, work, play, and do business for many decades to come. The State of Rhode Island requires that municipalities prepare a comprehensive plan with a 20-year vision and a 10-year implementation plan that is consistent with the state’s planning goals.

More than previous plans, this Warwick Comprehensive Plan is based on a substantial community engagement process that was designed to find out what residents, business people, and other stakeholders were thinking about the future of the city. What makes Warwick a good place to live and do business? What characteristics of Warwick should we keep, enhance, and protect? How should we allocate our resources in maintaining and improving quality of life and prosperity for the city? The purpose of planning is to get to action. The Comprehensive Plan includes a ten-year implementation matrix setting out the What, How, Who, and When for specific actions to achieve the goals of the plan. The plan will be used in capital improvement planning, work plans, and to guide land use decision making.


For ease of web-viewing and downloading the Plan is divided into Two Parts and Six Sections available at the below links.  In addition the Plan is also available for download in its entirety VIEW FULL PDF HERE (23MB)

Individual Sections (pdf format) below:

Part A: Front Matter
Part B: Executive Summary

Part I: Setting the Stage

  • Chapter 1: The Vision for 21st Century Warwick
  • Chapter 2: The Community Speaks
  • Chapter 3: Population and Land Use Trends

Part II: Natural and Cultural Resources

  • Chapter 4: Natural Resources
  • Chapter 5: Parks, Open Space and Recreation
  • Chapter 6: Historic and Cultural Resources

Part III: Livable Neighborhoods

  • Chapter 7: Housing and Neighborhoods

Part IV: Prosperous City

  • Chapter 8: Economic Development

Part V: Sustainable Systems

  • Chapter 9: Transportation and Circulation
  • Chapter 10: Public Facilities and Services
  • Chapter 11: Sustainability and Resilience

Part VI: The Future City

  • Chapter 12: Future Land Use, Zoning and Urban Design
  • Chapter 13: Stewardship and Implementation