Friends of Warwick Senior Centers, Inc.

The purpose of the Friends of Warwick Senior Centers, Inc. is to identify, develop, fund, support and encourage programs and services to the senior population of Warwick Senior Centers and to provide charitable support and sponsorship of educational programs, seminars and the like identified as important to the general well-being of the senior population affiliated with the Warwick Senior Centers.

In 1990, the Friends of Warwick Senior Centers, Inc. , a non-profit organization was formulated by seniors for seniors. Members from the senior centers, concerned about the budget deficit and its’ effect on senior programs and services in Warwick, Rhode Island, decided it was better to do something for yourself rather than sit by and wait for things to happen. They mobilized and planned fundraising events to ensure current levels of services were maintained. To date this group remains an active, viable organization. It has grown into a Board of Directors with 21 members, and several associate non-voting members.