Linda Morse

Have you wondered what Meditation is all about and if it is right for you? People of all cultures have meditated for thousands of years. Come to this very relaxed class and learn about the health and wellness benefits that can be gained from this age old practice of Meditation. This program is appropriate for those with an established practice, and those new to Meditation. You will have the opportunity to learn several different ways to meditate, look at ways of integrating mindfulness into daily life, and leave feeling relaxed and renewed. The program offers different ways to meditate to give you a ‘bag of tools’ to choose from for your daily life. Please wear comfortable clothing. Feel free to bring a yoga mat or cushion to sit on if you’d like. This program can be experienced from the chair. These classes are open to the public. Each class and day are independent. Daytime classes are $3/class & evening classes $30/6 week session.

Join Linda Morse, a professionally certified Kripalu yoga teacher, whose relaxed and humorous way will guide you to inner peace and strength.

Will return in May 2020!

With questions, call Linda at (401) 318-0303 or Kathleen Bohl at (401) 468-4074.