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Human Resource Technician

Vacancy No: 077-1 

Title of Position: Human Resource Technician

Vacancy exists in the Personnel Department

Salary Range: $15.80 - $20.32 per hour/35 hours per week

Date Posted: March 18, 2015

Deadline for Applying: March 31, 2015

Remarks: This is a Classified/Exempt Position

Examination Weight:  60% Written/40% Oral

Statement of Duties:

Under the general supervision of the Personnel Director and Deputy Personnel Director will be responsible for technical work pertaining to employee records and employee fringe benefits and assisting in the general operations of the Personnel Department by performing the following duties: preparing and maintaining employees’ individual personnel folders with personal data, compensation, benefits, performance reviews or evaluations, and terminations and other related information; preparing payroll forms for new hires, terminations, promotions, step changes and other personnel changes for payroll; assisting employees in completing payroll forms and benefit forms such as health care coverage, life insurance, pension, beneficiary forms etc; preparing and maintaining probationary employee’s lists, reports and notifications to departments; processing and maintaining enrollment for employment benefits, such as health care; pension, life insurance, union/agency dues for active employees and retirees and handling Common Law and other inquiries regarding benefits; processing all enrollments for health care for retirees; preparing and processing payment for life insurance premiums for Municipal, Police and Fire personnel and maintain life insurance master file; preparing  and processing payment for health care insurance and maintaining active member lists; handling all open enrollment for health care coverage for active employees and retirees and processing enrollment changes; handling and maintaining all COBRA requirements for Municipal, Fire, Police which will include answering inquiries, sending notices, preparing payments, sending notification of rate changes and updating COBRA lists; preparing and processing Health Care Bonus; typing correspondence such as holiday memos, notices, and other letters and or memos; preparing and maintaining job postings and forwarding postings to appropriate departments or persons; handling all unemployment verification and processing payments; greeting the public and or City personnel and providing information in a courteous manner; performing general clerical duties, such as filing, answering the phone, and making copies; making copies and keeping updated full time and part time employment packets; assisting department heads and employees, with personnel questions or forwarding to appropriate person; assisting applicants with job opportunities and the application process; must become familiar with Merit Ordinance, Union contract and other sources to provide information upon request; assisting when needed in the administering and scoring of employment testing; performs related work as required.

Education & Experience: Such as may have been gained through a high school diploma or general education degree (GED), supplement with one to three years of general office work, preferable in the Human Resources area;  should have knowledge of spreadsheet software  and word processing software; or any equivalent combination of education and experience.

SPECIAL NOTE: Applicants must be able to type 35 words per minute

T.D.D. (739-9150)               Telecommunications Device for the Deaf