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Vacancy No.: 247-1

Title of Position: Accounting Technician

Vacancy exists in the Police Department.

Salary Range: $ 15.99 – 20.14 per hour/35 hours per week

Date Posted: September 4, 2014

Deadline for Applying: September 17, 2014

Remarks: This is a Classified/Bargaining Unit Position/Examination Weight: 60% Written/40% Oral

Statement of Duties: Under the general supervision of the Administrative Bureau Commander processes payroll and maintains records pertaining to payroll for all employees in the Police Department. Duties include compiling, updating, and maintaining vacation time, sick leave, compensatory time, etc. for all Police Department employees; assisting employees with the completion of necessary forms pertaining to all changes such as health coverage, assorted payroll tax forms, etc; typing vouchers, invoices, reports and other records; compiling and computing payroll data from a variety of source documents, such as time records, personnel authorization forms, contracts, insurance forms, withholding forms, etc; reviewing payroll procedures and making recommendations to improve service and accuracy; responsibility to initiate, process, and complete a range of transactions in order to set, separate, or change the pay and benefit status of the department employees; provides assistance and technical support to all activities related to payroll and benefits, select and apply policies and procedures according to various contractual agreements; reviewing detailed employee records/reports or transactions in order to identify, trace, and correct errors and independently operate a computer terminal to process all online transactions, verifying and auditing information; researching and reconciling pay/time records for all employees; reviewing all entries on the payroll and attendance record to determine employee pay eligibility, reviewing all totals for hours worked for each employee based upon daily recorded entries, determining overtime, straight hours and compensatory times and the method of payment for each; determining employee pay based upon disability, call-back, shift differentials, leave without pay, holidays and various collective bargaining agreements; calculating and posting all necessary money adjustments to payroll and attendance records; operating a computer terminal to inquire, post and verify a variety of personnel-payroll information, and employee advice of change forms; adjusting entries on payroll and attendance record when employees are ineligible for leave usage, adjusting employee leave files due to system problems and errors; pro-rating adjustments for injuries and retirement benefits.. Researching and responding to requests from other agencies concerning employee payments for injury benefits. Processing contractual uniform allowances, incentive payments, etc; reviewing and auditing payroll calculations and leave entries prepared by other divisional supervisors to assure accuracy, and making corrections as necessary. Reviewing computer generated reports to assure that entries are accurate and adjust as necessary; providing regular, overtime and money adjustment totals by computer for balancing payroll, reviewing computer generated totals and comparing with manual totals to determine that final payroll is correct and balanced and make necessary adjustments; performing specialized duties in the initiation, changes and cancellation of a variety of payroll deductions; performing specialized duties in the computerized maintenance of the Excel files and in control of personnel changes including promotions, newly hired employees and terminations; performing related work as required.

Education & Experience: Such as may have been gained through graduation from a standard high school with courses in business and supplemented with work experience in an office environment. Considerable knowledge of personnel-payroll policies and procedures. Knowledge of business arithmetic, operating characteristics of computer terminals used for processing personnel-payroll information. Ability to apply pay provisions in applicable collective bargaining agreements to a variety of personnel-payroll processing activities; skill in the operation of a computer terminal and calculator; working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel; or any equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have the ability to skillfully and accurately use office machines; including entering data on computer and to perform well a variety of tasks under tightly scheduled conditions.

T.D.D.: 739-9150 Telecommunications Device for the Deaf