Submit a Claim to the City of Warwick

Claim Form: (Click here to download claim form) This form is used for multiple types of claims. Please complete the information applicable to your claim. There are no guarantees that any claim submitted to the City of Warwick will be paid if determined the City is not liable.

There are a series of steps to follow, which are detailed below. You can also obtain directions by calling (401) 738-2015.

Submit your claim to:

City of Warwick
Attn: Claims
3275 Post Road
Warwick, RI 02886

Pothole Claims

The City of Warwick has established a policy for pothole claims in keeping with section 24-8-35 of the Rhode Island General Laws.

RI General Law 24-5-13 pertaining to pothole damage;
(b) If any person shall incur damage to his or her motor vehicle by reason of a pothole on any municipal highway, causeway, street or bridge which damage would not have occurred without the existence of the pothole, he or she may recover from the municipality the amount of damages sustained up to and not more than the sum of three hundred dollars ($300). Provided, however, that the municipality had reasonable notice of the pothole, or may have had notice thereof by the exercise of proper care and diligence on its part, and a reasonable opportunity to repair the pothole. All claims shall be made within a period of seven (7) days from the date on which the damage was sustained by filing a written report in a manner prescribed by the municipality. In no instance, however, shall any claim for damage so caused to a motor vehicle registered in a foreign state be considered unless that state has a similar statute affording similar protection to persons owning motor vehicles registered in this state.

The registered vehicle owner must submit the claim form (Click here to download claim form) and return with the following documentation;

  • Invoice/Estimates;
    • EITHER one itemized paid invoice with proof of payment and two itemized estimates,
    • OR three itemized estimates
  • Copy of valid RI registration for the vehicle. If vehicle is leased, provide a copy of lease with claimant’s name.
  • Current odometer reading.
  • Copy of police report, tow receipt or auto club report verifying the incident.
  • Photos of damage, if applicable.
  • Be sure to submit detailed information on the location of the pothole such as nearest cross street, house number, landmark, etc.

The City of Warwick has established a policy for pothole claims in keeping with section 24-8-35 of the Rhode Island General Laws. Timeliness is important. Claims have to be made within seven days of striking the pothole. The pothole claim law only applies to cars registered in Rhode Island. The pothole law is only effective for non-residents if their vehicle is registered in a state that has a reciprocal pothole law. Maximum reimbursement amount per the Rhode Island Pothole Statute is $300.

Other Claims

These claims must be submitted within thirty days of the incident. Follow procedure as noted above for pothole claims. Complete the claim form (Click here to download claim form) and submit with three estimates, police report and any other information that is necessary for your claim. Contact (401) 738-2015 if you have questions regarding the necessary documentation.

Damage in a Construction Zone

Call (401) 738-2015. You will be directed to the responsible contractor for processing.

Your claim will not be processed until all information requested is received. The claim will be reviewed internally and a recommendation forwarded to the City Council Public Safety Committee. Notice of the Public Safety Committee meeting will be sent to you so. Your attendance at this meeting is mandatory.

Please note that the City of Warwick does not handle property damage claims in excess of $2,500 or incidents involving personal injuries. The City submits these claims to their administrator to process these claims on behalf of the City of Warwick.