City Council - Legislative Department

Warwick City Council:
This department must docket all matters to be heard before the council, which includes advertising of public hearings and ordinances. It also includes notification to abutting owners of all wetland applications, abandonment's, dredging petitions and zone changes. After each meeting, all resolutions and ordinances must be forwarded to the Mayor for signature and then the ordinances must be advertised and then forwarded to Municipal Code for codification. Attendance by the City Clerk is necessary at all hearings.

The official website of the Warwick City Council will allow you, the concerned resident, to contact your Council representative in a rapid manner. It will also give you the tools to become a highly informed constituent so that you may offer your opinions with confidence and ease. In short, without communication, we cannot be an effective voice for your wants, needs and concerns.

Here at City Hall, it is our sincere hope that you will take advantage of these resources and become more involved in the every-day decisions in our local government. Together, we can responsibly forge ahead and create a brighter future for our city and our children.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Timothy Howe Councilman (Ward 3) (401) 215-0632
William Foley Councilman (Ward 1) (401) 391-8777
Jeremy Rix Councilman (Ward 2) (401) 263-5559
Edgar Ladouceur Councilman (Ward 5) (401) 447-7181
Donna M. Travis Councilwoman (Ward 6) (401) 738-9774
Stephen P. McAllister Council President (Ward 7) (401) 287-1813
Vincent Gebhart Councilman (Ward 9) (401) 307-1284
Anthony Sinapi Councilman (Ward 8) (401) 474-2069
James McElroy Councilman (Ward 4) (401) 739-2288