Historic Cemeteries Commission

The Warwick Commission on Historical Cemeteries was established by the Warwick City Council by Code of Ordinance Article V section 6-121. The Warwick Historical Cemetery Commission is constantly striving to organize the residents of Warwick to maintain each of the City’s 150 Historical Cemeteries.


The purpose of the historical cemetery commission shall be as follows: The commission shall cause to be created an inventory of historical cemeteries within the city; formulate and develop plans and programs to restore, rehabilitate and maintain historical cemeteries; recommend to the mayor and city council such action as may be necessary to implement such plans and programs; and investigate sources of funds, including fundraising, grants and development of both corporate and individual sponsors, and all other legitimate and related activities.


Board Members 
Pegee MalcolmChair

Mark Brown


Cindy Corkum


Lisa Corkum


Joseph Jussila


Dawn Lewis


Al Golder


Diane McConnell

Frank Flaherty 


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Susan Cabeceiras (401) 921-9687