Wildlife & Conservation Commission

The Warwick Wildlife and Conservation Commission were established by City Council Resolution on March 18, 1974 in response to RIGL 45-35-1. The Warwick Wildlife and Conservation Commission is constantly striving to assist the Planning Department and the City sustain a balance between residential and commercial development while maintaining the integrity of the City’s wildlife and other natural resources.

The purpose of the Warwick wildlife and Conservation Commission is to preserve the City’s natural resources while promoting development of the environment in an orderly responsible fashion; to protect the watershed resources, preserve and enhance natural aesthetics and wildlife habitat, to promote an ecological balance between preservation of the natural landscape and the man made environment. Some of the Commission’s current duties include: routinely reviewing tax title properties and requests to purchase City property; administering the Coyote Commission’s recommendations; trails work on Dawley Farm; annual Arbor Day tree planting: representation on the Pawtuxet River Anadromous Fish Restoration steering committee; and representation on the Board of Directors of the RI Association of Conservation Commissions

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Susan Cabeceiras (401) 738-2009

Commission Members

Anne Holst, Chair
Mike Clark
Henry Brown
Wayne Cabral
Ray Meunier
Carl Bergden
Sue Kennedy