Family Support

“Our mission statement is simple. All children will enter school ready to learn. All children will leave school ready to work and lead productive lives. All families and children will continue to live in safe and nurturing neighborhoods and communities.” -- Mayor Scott Avedisian

Recognizing that it takes a village—in this case a city of villages—to raise a child, Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian issued an Executive Order to establish a youth programs advisory board shortly after elected.

The Warwick Youth Programs Advisory and Prevention Task Force is composed of professionals with a demonstrated commitment to Warwick’s youth, and has implemented programs and services to offer youth and family support in our community.

The lead city agency for youth and family programs, the task force is also charged with interacting and coordinating cooperative work with social service and non-profit youth agencies; addressing substance abuse issues through youth and elder drug abuse prevention; developing short-term and long range plans to reduce drug use and abuse; planning and implementing prevention, education, and intervention activities; and coordinating activities with human service and social services agencies.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Patricia St. Amant Director (401) 468-4108