City Archives


Phone: (401) 738-2006

This department is responsible for the storage and upkeep of all of the records that pass through this office dating back to 1642 (land evidence, vital records, probate, maps, and city / town council).

The purpose of the City Archives' Historical Records Program is to identify, collect, preserve, arrange and describe records of historical significance originated by City government. Our goal is to make these records available to City officials and employees, as well as the general public. As an institution, the City Archives serves as the final resting place for records of enduring political, economic, legal, and cultural value. As a rich, diverse collection of historical records from various City agencies, the City Archives represents the most unique and esteemed component of the City's Records Management Program.

The City Archives wants to inform researchers not affiliated with the City government about the nature of our institution, and the resources which are available to the public. We also hope to share our enthusiasm for the preservation of the City's documentary heritage with those who are interested in Warwick history. The existence of a City Archives ensures that future generations of City officials and employees, private citizens and scholars will know about the contributions of City government towards the growth and development of Warwick, Rhode Island.