Membership and Appointment

  1. Membership is restricted to a maximum of seven members. The commission shall consist of one representative from each of the following groups: the recreational boating community, the commercial fishing industry, the commercial mooring operators and the environmental community. In addition, there shall be on the commission three citizens at large who are not affiliated with any of the above groups.
  2. Term of office. Members shall be appointed by the mayor for five-year terms.
  3. Vacancies. All members shall serve until their successors are duly appointed. If a vacancy occurs, the mayor shall appoint a member to fill the remainder of the unexpired term.
  4. Officers: The chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary shall be elected by the members of the commission. Meetings shall be called by the chairperson or at the request of three members of the commission. The chairperson shall conduct the meetings of the commission. In the absence of the chairperson, the vice-chairperson shall assume those responsibilities. The secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings.