Mayor Frank J. Picozzi

Mayor Picozzi

As Mayor of Warwick, I am delighted to welcome you to our official City website. With the clear goal of establishing transparency as the hallmark of my administration, it is my hope that this website offers every Warwick resident a first stop to engage with your government. 

Here, you can learn more about my administration’s efforts to rebuild Warwick into a city which attracts young families and allows them to thrive for generations. In education, as we work cooperatively to restore Warwick Public Schools to preeminent status. In finance, as we find and eliminate wasteful spending and regulation. In recreation, as we provide our young people with high quality recreational opportunities and preserve our city’s 39 miles of coastline for generations to come. 

In all this, and more, I promise advanced engagement with every resident of Warwick. Through neighborhood associations, town halls, social media, or just chatting with you at the supermarket, we can and will return Warwick to the People. Welcome to Warwick