Grocery Shopping Schedule


Northern end of the City of Warwick including Cranberry Pond, Narragansett Parkway, Charles Ford, Warwick Terrace, and individual homes from Airport Road north.


Meadowbrook Terrace, Conimicut and Oakland Beach areas, Matt XXV, Shalom, and Royal Crest Apartments.


Hardig Brook Village, Greenwood Area, Greenwich Village, and Villa Del Rio Apartments.


West Shore Terrace, Buttonwoods Area, Sparrows Point (I, II, and III), and Potowomut areas.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this schedule, please call (401) 738-1276.

Grocery Shopping Limits - All shoppers will have 1 1/2 hours for grocery shopping and 2 hours for retail shopping. Grocery bags are limited to seven per person and should be marked for sorting purposes.

Transwick User Fee - One dollar ($1.00) per round trip. Tokens are used and may be purchased at the Pilgrim senior center or at the Stop & Shops on Warwick Ave. and Bald Hill Road. Tokens are available in rolls of 20 for $10.00.