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Warwick Emergency Management Agency
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The mission of the CIty of Warwick's Division of Emergency Management is to be the local public safety organization providing comprehensive, risk-based, and coordinated emergency management operations. The Warwick Emergency Management Agency Director is Major Rick Rathbun.

Disasters can strike anywhere, and often without warning. They can take on many forms - Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Floods, Toxic Spills, and even Acts of Terrorism. Disasters can build gradually over days and weeks, or strike suddenly with no time to prepare.

Unfortunately every year, millions of Americans will face disasters, and the terrifying consequences that follow. Since its founding, Warwick's EMA primary mission has been to reduce the loss of life and property and to protect Warwick's infrastructure from all types of dangers through a program of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. 

The staff manages the Warwick Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a state of the art facility where key members of the City Departments gather during activations to determine situational status, coordinate actions and make critical decisions during emergency situations.

The EOC is located at:
111 Veterans Memorial Drive
Warwick, Rhode Island 02886

Emergency Preparedness
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Warwick Hazard Mitigation Plan
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